Duke Undergraduate Admissions

Duke Bound

If you have questions, contact Chris Briggs, christopher.briggs@duke.edu, 919-684-0157.

Congratulations on your admission to Duke and your selection for Duke Bound!  We look forward to hosting you on campus this spring.

Please follow these four steps to receive your travel allowance.  If you are unable to attend, please select the ‘Unable to Attend’ link below so that we may offer the travel allowance to another admitted student.  Please note that you must register for both Blue Devil Days and Duke Bound to receive a travel allowance!

1. Register for Duke Bound by selecting the link below that corresponds to the Blue Devil Days you plan to attend.  If you are unable to attend, please select ‘Unable to Attend’ so that we may offer the travel allowance to another admitted student.  The Duke Bound offer is limited to a small group of students that have applied for, and are receiving, a significant amount of need-based financial aid.  When registering for Duke Bound, you must use the email address you used in your college application. Once you register for Duke Bound, you will receive a confirmation email from our office with additional information.

              Thursday and Friday, April 7-8            (Duke Bound registration deadline: April 4, 3 pm EST)
              Monday and Tuesday, April 18-19           (Duke Bound registration deadline: April 13, 3 pm EST)
              Sunday and Monday, April 24-25        (Duke Bound registration deadline: April 19, 3 pm EST)
              Unable to Attend

2. Register for a Blue Devil Days event at admissions.duke.edu/bluedevildaysBlue Devil Days will be held April 7-8, April 18-19 and April 24-25.

3. Make your travel arrangements.  Students requesting overnight housing with a current student should follow the instructions provided in the Blue Devil Days brochure.  The accompanying adult will need to make his/her own lodging arrangements.

4. Pick up your check.  When you arrive on campus, bring a photo ID (one for each individual receiving a reimbursement) to the Blue Devil Days registration.  Indicate you are part of the Duke Bound program, and you will be directed to Chris Briggs, who will give you your travel allowance.