Duke Admissions Announcements

Duke is committed to giving all applicants a humane and contextual admissions review, and supports the free exchange of students and ideas across international boundaries.

As we consider undergraduate applications to Duke, we always seek to understand each student’s different context, opportunities, and challenges. For students currently dealing with the difficulties presented by coronavirus (including school closures, cancelled tests, distance learning, lack of access to school documents or personnel, suppressed results on AP/IB/national exams, and more), we hope this reminder will be reassuring.

Applicants will not be penalized for any situations beyond their control, and the admissions committee will give full consideration to all applications using the materials we have received.

While Duke does not require any English proficiency tests or interviews, we do consider them when they are included in applications. Duke accepts the Duolingo English Test and Initialview interviews, both of which students can complete online from any location.

We will continue to work with enrolling foreign citizens as they apply for student visas, following the policies and guidance of the university, the United States federal government, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

More information about the university’s response to the coronavirus outbreak is available here: sites.duke.edu/coronavirus.

Should you have any questions, please contact our office by email at undergrad-admissions@duke.edu.