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A student uses art to communicate her passion about environmental awareness and action.

Image of Cameron in a tree
Image of Cameron smiling

Cameron Oglesby ‘21 arrived at Duke with a firm passion: promoting environmental awareness and education through interdisciplinary, multimedia communications.

Having always enjoyed visual arts from an early age, Cameron uses her art as a conduit to effectively advocate for conservation and conversations of environmental protection and justice.

This shaped her idea for the Enviro-Art Gallery. Originally a small event during her senior year in high school, Cameron created the Enviro-Art Gallery in celebration of Earth Day. By melding her two passions—environmental advocacy and art—Cameron works to connect people to places, ecosystems, and international experiences of nature through engaging visual dialogues.

Now an annual community event in the Rubenstein Arts Center, the Enviro-Art Gallery engages community members, showcases a variety of artistic works of environmental imagery, issues, and injustice, and provides a call to action for local artists, residents, and students. The gallery, with showcases at Duke and Bond University on Australia’s Gold Coast, will continue to expand to neighboring institutions in the U.S. and Australia, with hopes for further collaboration with Duke Kunshan University in China, North Carolina environmental justice movements, and other institutions around the world.

Art and other creative media, Cameron discovered, were a physical channel that allowed her to articulate the importance of environmental initiatives, promote personal accountability, and recruit other passionate artists and activists.

At Duke, Cameron found a home for two passions that might be seen as isolated disciplines.

“There’s a strong connection between people and the natural world, one that is easily expressed through art.” Cameron stated. “At Duke, I found an encouraging community for my ideas, and the resources and support to not only shift local priorities to one’s of reflection and planetary protection, but to build on the concept of environmental art as a social movement in other communities.”

Enviro-Art Gallery

by Cameron Oglesby