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Duke Undergraduate Admissions

Duke Undergraduate Admissions

Culture of Champions

Spirit. Effort. Pride.

Men's Basketball Team

NCAA National Champions 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010, 2015

  • 118

    ACC Championships

  • 12

    national championships

  • 200+


  • 44


Duke Camaraderie. We live the spirit.

Twenty five years ago, a small group of students gathered in a tent pitched outside the International House to celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. As the founding members of the organization now known as Diya, the students commemorated the holiday with traditional cuisine cooked by friends. Over the years, the members decided to host a public Diwali celebration and hosted their first production in the Giles Dormitory common room.

Today, the Diwali event—whose name was changed to AWAAZ in 1999— is the university’s largest student-run production, involving more than 400 students from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Diya co-president of internal affairs Sandeep Prasanna, who also writes a column for The Chronicle, said, “We draw so many non-South Asian students to the show... in the performance, in the production and in the audience.”

Dancers from India

AWAAZ is an annual fall cultural show planned, produced and arranged by the student group Diya.

Duke Life

student activities
Club Sports

The student-run Sport Clubs Program provides opportunities for students to participate in sports and recreational activities. Whether you’re interested in badminton, cycling, rugby, ultimate frisbee, sailing, skiing, lacrosse, table tennis, martial arts, equestrian or football, at Duke, there’s a sport club for you.

student activities

Froshlife is an annual competition that brings first-year students together with filmmaking equipment to produce short movies about their Duke experience. Films are judged at a red carpet “world premiere” on East Campus.

student activities

K-Ville is the official student line for access to major Duke basketball games. Students await placement for sought-after seats at games, living in a community of tents outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium. Coach K has been known to buy pizza for the K-Ville residents and has held open-forum "team meetings" with the Cameron Crazies before games.

The Attitude of a Champion

Jared Dunnmon
Student Story Jared Dunnmon

P’11, Rhodes Scholar, renewable energy

Allison Vernerey
Student Story Allison Vernerey

T’13, basketball center, cancer activist

Coach K
Student Story Coach K

Head Coach, Duke Men’s Basketball and USA Olympic teams

A tradition of winning.

Abby Johnston (diving), Becca Ward (fencing) and Nick McCrory (diving) with their NCAA individual national championship trophies.

Duke Boasts a 90% Student-Athlete Graduation Rate*

*The highest in NCAA Division 1 athletics

Duke Athletics by the Numbers


Team National Championships


Individual National Champions


69 National Players of the Year


All-Americans in 24 different sports

At Duke, athletics involve serious fun: skill, finesse, intelligence, strategy, passion and above all, heart. Our athletes play because they love the game, their teammates and representing the Blue Devils.

There's just something about Duke sports. Even if you're not a dedicated sports fan, it's tough to resist the infectious fun that exists at Duke, as when the main university quad fills with blue-painted students cheering around a bonfire after a big win. There's a real camaraderie and an incredible sense of spirit—and running around a bonfire after a huge win with your face painted blue along with everyone you know is something you'll only experience at Duke.

Unrivaled Rivalry

The greatest rivalry in all sports is more than just a game.

Arguably the greatest rivalry in all sports, and we love it. Where else would you find three million people tuning in to watch a mid-season basketball game that may decide only a few weeks of bragging rights -- or being ranked #1. It brings people together -- a point of connection and conversation anywhere you might be. And only Duke students get to take their place right in the middle of something that so many people care so passionately and intelligently about.