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Duke Undergraduate Admissions

For School Counselors and College Access Professionals

We understand the difficult task with which you are faced—working hard to prepare all your students for the college selection process and trying to help each make the best decision based on individual academic interests and goals. With thousands of institutions of higher education, you are probably overwhelmed with brochures from colleges and universities around the country. We appreciate the immense challenge of your job and the many demands on your time.

Our website includes information about Duke’s academic, extracurricular and research programs, as well as our admissions requirements and our approach to the admissions decision process. We hope this information will make the college selection process at Duke a little easier to understand. We’ve also included some links to help you find specific information about Duke and our admissions process. If you'd like an overview of some university highlights, facilities, facts, and figures check out our Quick Facts guide.

In addition, we are always willing to speak with guidance counselors about college admissions issues and encourage you to take advantage of the Admissions Office staff information provided within this section of our website. Feel free to contact us!