Mission Statement

We serve Duke University by working to create a community of students who embrace growth, collaboration, creativity, integrity, and a sense of inclusion. We strive to identify and enroll students who demonstrate intellectual strengths, a love of learning, a sense of imagination and open-mindedness, and a commitment to their communities; we seek students who make things better and treat others well.

In creating our community we particularly seek students who honor and collectively represent a wide range of talents, backgrounds, lived experiences, and perspectives. We believe a diverse community better prepares students for an enriching undergraduate experience and lives of meaning and impact. We will consider each applicant as an individual, and consider especially the context of their unique circumstances and the disparity in opportunities and resources facing students, families, schools, and communities.

We are committed to upholding and promoting Duke’s commitment to equity. We will communicate internally and externally with honesty and clarity, and will treat our colleagues with respect, understanding, and kindness.